Just as the Guide to Fish has been written to encourage conversation about what sustainable fish species to buy, cook and eat – it is also written with the intention of trying to help sought out what to drink with all this cooking and eating.


Each sustainable fish species in the Guide to Fish has wine recommendations, that bit wasn’t too hard for me through my years of working in restaurants but then I met the BeerMasons – a beer appreciation society – and what to drink with fish became even more interesting.


I didn’t know my lagers from my ales or my hops from my malts to be honest. The treatment these grains get create heady brews of complex flavour – I was amazed at what beers are available from all over the world and how well they can be matched with food.


The BeerMasons have recommended many flavours and styles of beers in the Guide to Fish. There’s the adventure of a conditioned ale with a pan-fried snapper on coconut rice with coriander; a German wheat beer with whole roasted coral trout or how about a pilsner with distinctive hops and a bitter dryness to accompany a steamed blue grenadier?


The important journey of bringing new flavours, products and ideas about food and drink to the table; of savouring the familiar, trying the new and thinking about them in delicious ways is what the Guide to Fish and the BeerMasons are all about.

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