Elizabeth Craig wrote this page (see picture) in her book Cooking with Elizabeth Craig – she was a British cookery writer who’s career lasted more than 50 years. She started writing after World War 1 and continued through the Second World War. She often wrote when product was scarce and rationing was in place. She adapted her writing and recipes as times changed through the 50s, 60s and 70s – she passed away in 1980.




In the context of the times we live in now, the ethos of Elizabeth Craig comes in handy. When times are good we can all indulge but when times slow down and perspective changes it’s good to rethink how we live – how we eat and still celebrate the everyday and beauty of life.

 It’s time to give our food some thought with love and pleasure. After all, this page I have photographed here finishes with the words:

‘…I think a cookery book that ignores the party spirit is as incomplete as champagne without the sparkle.’

Here’s to the sparkle!


So to those who like to cook,

This year in foodwiththought, it’s not about focusing on global crises or downturns, it’s about thinking about things differently without sacrificing flavour and enjoyment. Foodwiththought won’t just be about fish, the fish will still feature greatly but so will meat, vegetables, fruit, wine, champagne, beer, menus, producers, stories, life.


Here’s to 2009 and a deliciously thoughtful year ahead,