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World Ocean Day is June 8th


A day to celebrate 70% of the planet. 


Like many of these days we are asked to celebrate a thing, a moment, a person, a time, we often let it slip by without a thought.





So I put this to you,




Give the ocean 5 minutes of your time on June 8th and remember how it and the life in it has played a part in your life; however big, however small or if at all. 


I can think of:


– Sitting on my mum’s lap eating crisp flathead tails with crunchy chips, salty, slightly greasy on a blue day at the beach with a cool headwind. 


– Warming my hands against the paper that was wrapped around soggy battered fish with fat chips soaking with malt vinegar on a cold London day


– The first time I got dumped by a wave – ouch!


– My mum teaching me to bodysurf when I was five 


– The first time I bit into a sweet scallop


– Devouring a fleshy prawn sandwich on soft white bread with real mayonnaise, salt and pepper with my dad


 – The time it took (years in fact) while I struggled with the flavour and texture of the natural oyster until I acquired the acquired taste.


–  Snapping open a can of tuna and mix it with tomatoes, olives, chilli and parsley (or anything else in the pantry).


–  Grilled John Dory and roasted wild barramundi. 


–  Walking on the beach (and usually getting mad at myself for all the crazy things I’ve done in my life) but then somehow letting it all go and looking for a beer by the end of the walk; sea air will do that to a girl. 


– Avoiding shellfish on first dates, it’s appropriate to devour them in the privacy of your own home. 


– Whole roasted mullet doused in chilli, lime and coriander. 


– My feet sinking in the sand while the waves on the shore rush around my ankles. 


So many joyous things; it’s a respectful relationship between the ocean and the human – well, it should be and World Ocean Day is about nurturing that relationship. 


So on World Ocean Day I would like to imagine that we would stop to think of what we buy and cook that comes from the ocean, to remember that it is a finite resource and to give it the respect it truly deserves. 



June 8th 

World Ocean Day 


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