Barramundi season has started here in Australia and that means wild barramundi which (I feel)  is incomparable to farmed barramundi in its flavour and texture. There’s a firmness to the flake (the muscles in the fish have worked hard) and a flavour that marries saltiness with sweetness and allows this fish to be enjoyed simply grilled with some lemon and butter or be sturdy enough to carry flavours like garlic, chilli, mirin, soy sauce, coriander. Enjoy Barramundi now until around October. I have put the Barramundi profile from Guide to Fish below to give you an idea of what to look for when buying this delicious fish but as Barra is coded Amber (which means don’t buy too regularly) in the Guide to Fish pace out your purchasing – perhaps just every couple of weeks – so there’s enough to go around and enough left to breed in the ocean.

Barramundi Lates calcarifer

Illustration © R. Swainston

SEASON: Barramundi is available from February to October.

FRESH FILLET: the Barramundi fillet has a slight grey tinge; he is firm to the touch with a pale pink bloodline.

TEXTURE WHEN COOKED: Barramundi flesh becomes luscious and soft with a texture similar to butter.

FLAVOUR: This popular fish has a mild salty flavour.

COOKING: Barramundi is very versatile and enjoys being panfried, roasted, steamed, barbecued and grilled.

WINE: the flesh has such a lovely sweetness that the acidic crispness of a Clare or Eden Valley Riesling would complement the luscious silky finish of a well-cooked Barra.