Whenever we eat pork, ham or bacon at home these days the one question my children ask me is, “has this pig had a good life?”

We’ve talked about intensive farming and about how it’s better to not eat meat at all than buy pig or chicken meat that has been intensively farmed. So, I took them to the Gypsy Pig farm in West Gippsland in Victoria to show them what I mean and what farmers like Michael and Bronwyn Cowan do on a daily basis.

I have profiled Michael and Bronwyn on FwT before, click here and I wanted to share the photos of what they do and just how good the lives of their pigs are.

Large Blacks and Tamworths

These Large Blacks are the bacon girls

If you’re concerned about animal welfare in the rearing of pigs and chickens for meat, then it’s about asking questions, becoming aware of what to buy and where to buy it from  and often going to Farmers Markets where people like Bronwyn and Michael sell their products directly to the public.

Avoid nameless, generic brand pork products. Don’t buy pork that is ‘Bred Free Range’ – this simply means that once the piglet is born in a free-range environment it is put into an intensive one soon after (a matter of a few weeks, if that).

I choose to eat meat and so do my family but we do it with awareness and consume with conscience.