Ever gone to a market that claims to be a real farmers market only to find out later the people selling the produce had nothing to do with its growth and production?

We can now put those days behind us with the introduction of the Victorian Farmers Market Accreditation that was introduced here in May 2010.

It helps on many levels but mostly for all of us as consumers. We  now have  logos that represent the integrity of the industry, guarantee accreditation and  the authenticity of the product and produce we are buying.

Miranda Sharp, VFMA President says, “The Accreditation Program is a huge step for the farmers’ market community. Now the public, media and the rest of the food industry can easily identify farmers’ markets which have proven their authenticity and get behind regional Victoria with confidence. We look forward to many more of Victoria’s wonderful farmers’ markets coming on board.”
Simply, look out for the ticks (click on the link below for more comprehensive explanations of each tick):

Black for farmers

Brown for specialty makers

Red for markets

VFMA Accreditation Program_details

Victorian Farmers Markets accredited so far include:

Bendigo Community Farmers Market

Boroondara Farmers’ Market

Casey-Berwick Farmers’ Market

Collingwood Children’s Farm Farmers market

Echuca Farmers’ Market

Gasworks Farmers’ Market (Albert Park)

Hurstbridge Farmers’ Market

Lancefield Farmers’ Market

Kingston Farmers’ Market

Melbourne Showgrounds Farmers’ Market

Mt. Eliza Farmers’ Market

Slow Food Melbourne Farmers’ Market (Abbotsford Convent)

University Hill Farmers’ Market

Veg Out Farmers’ Market (St Kilda )