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  1. dominiquel Says:

    Hi Hilary,
    I’m enjoying your book. I like the light style of sauces and additions.

    Two questions tho –

    1. Why is Butterfish not listed? I looked up fishnames and found it there and then checked your book under John Dory – but no mention?

    2. No index – I’d like an index.

  2. Hilary Says:

    Hi Dominique,
    thanks for your questions:

    1. Butterfish isn’t listed as all the fish that have been chosen for Guide to Fish are based on the research of the Australian Marine Conservation Society in terms of fish populations.
    Also, in October 2007 fish names were standardised in Australia. When you look up fishnames you will see that one of the obsolete names listed for Butterfish is John Dory. If you put in John Dory a different fish comes up with different obsolete names.
    Butterfish and John Dory are from different scientific families (i’m no scientist but I find this an easy way to differentiate the fish species). John Dory is from the scientific family called Zeidae, butterfish is from Scatophagidae. They are different fish and thus, that’s why Butterfish isn’t in the Guide to Fish.
    Also, it was the publisher’s decision to omit an index due to the fact the book was alphabetical. I hope that decision hasn’t hindered your enjoyment of the guide too much,
    Thanks again for your questions and I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying the Guide,

  3. bensseafood Says:

    Butterfish can be seen in aquariums not restaurants nor seafood retailers. It is not considered a commercial species in Australia. Everyone should refer to and check the species names out as it is essential we all get the names correct. This is an Australian Standard and all Government Fish legislation is being changed to accommodate this, as it should.

    1. Hilary Says:

      I agree Ben, is an imperative resource in getting fish names in Australia correct.

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