With all the commerciality of this time of year with Valentine’s Day & fluffy toys & silver balloons (what are those things!). For me, this image above is something that represents love – an enduring love that has been through hellish moments and powerful joy but a love that is still going strong 51 years on.

These are my parent’s tea cups. Every morning after breakfast dad has his tea (always a good leaf tea in a lovely big pot)  in his black-and-white cup with ‘an eyedrop of milk’ and mum’s takes her floral teacup and has her’s black. Another cup is had in the evening after dinner, usually in front of the tv.

To me, this is something worth acknowleding about love: laughter, pleasure, conversation, hardship, respect, trust, frustration, conflict, anger, happiness, affection make up the totality of a long-term relationship and that’s the love that should be celebrated just as much as the young, excitable passionate love that is just as joyous but not nearly as formidable.

Happy Valentine’s Day